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I am a producer, percussionist and composer for media who uses sound to tell stories. I am grateful for the many awards and support I have received, especially from Berklee College of Music and the Latin Grammy Cultural Foundation, which, among other opportunities, allowed me to perform in the Person of The Year Gala at the Latin Grammys 2019 in Las Vegas. These experiences have made me realize that music is about healing and connecting with our inner selves while sharing stories that other people can identify with. 


As a composer for media, I am deeply interested in how music can work in conjunction with media and highlight its emotional intentions. As a music producer, I seek to enhance and define the essence of the artist I am working with. As a percussionist, I am sensitive about the needs of the music in order to polish the soundscape. As an artist, my goal is to be honest and create art that supports humanistic endeavors.

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